30 Foot Wide Tents

30 Foot Wide Tents

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Shown in this picture is a 30ft x 90ft Tent.

Sizes available in 30 Foot Wide include: 30x30, 30x30, 30x40, 30x45, 30x60, 30x80, 30x90, 30x105, 30x120

Our team can put together multiple tents to create different sizes. Two 30x60's put together to create a 60x60 for example is a great option.


Tip: If using "Add To Quote" please add this information under the "Customer Comments" section so we can better assist you with sizing:

What is the estimated number of guests in the tent?


What types of activities will be in the tent? (i.e.,reception, presentation, luncheon)


Will a buffet, dj, ceremony, bar, etc be in the tent?


Will we be able to "stake-in" to the ground?


What type of ground?


Can we set up a day early if needed?


Would you like us to provide a quote for walls, lighting or other tent accessories be needed? other accessories include heating, cooling, tent wall liners, leg drapes


Do you already know what table types/sizes you will be using? The type of tables, if any, and the configuration of chairs will change the size of tent needed.


Other factors such as time of the event, duration, anchoring rules and take-down time may change the quote.

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