Tent Heater- 175,000 BTU

Tent Heater- 175,000 BTU

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175,000 BTU Tent Heater will keep all your guests toasty and is ideal for barns in addition to tents. This item includes installation and requires a standard electrical outlet and full propane tank. Enchanted Occasions Team will install the unit on the outside of the tent and duct into the tent. Inside the tent will be the duct diffuser and hanging thermostat. 

  • Tent heaters can be used for tents and other applications such as buildings but can only be used as temporary heat and not a permanent installation.

  • Heater should have its own dedicated 15amp 110/120v service not shared with any other electrical equipment. 

  • Heater should be placed down wind or side wind (not up wind) of tent opening to prevent fumes from building in the tent. 

  • Heating Unit and Propane Tank should be outside, vent for heat is ducted into the tent.

  • Propane tanks must be 50lbs or greater or two 25lbs tanks with a manifold.

  • Make sure propane tank is full and upright, in a location where it will not be knocked over.

  • Ideally propane tanks are 6-10’ from tent. Ducting on heating unit should be kept as straight as possible

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